May, 2019

Jacksonville, FL one of the happiest places to live in the United States. Why? Well simply put it’s easier here!

Fun Fact: Jacksonville is the largest metro area by land mass in the United States and better yet looking at an overhead view of Jacksonville, it’s mostly trees. This means…you guessed it lots of room for development! As an investor you are bound to get a large return ten to twenty years down the road because of the large capacity for growth.

There is no other major city in the United States, where hard-working families can live along the fresh welcoming subtropical waters of the Atlantic for under $100,000. For real estate investors there is no better place because Jacksonville has an abundance of properties that produce nation-leading cash-flow.


The Jacksonville area or Duval County is known for; its rich history, water sports, golfing, military presence, monthly art events, festivals and nightlife. Jacksonville has the longest shoreline in the nation with 22 beaches and a population of 853,400. Let us see you beat that Tampa, Miami, and Orlando.


The average sale prices of Jacksonville properties have been rising by about 6.5% every year. That is a ridiculous rate. Real estate in Jacksonville is getting tight thanks to its immense popularity and continuous growth. This is a city for long term investors and young investor who are smart looking to save and grow their money. The availability of jobs is set to increase by 42% in the next ten years. A wise move by investors in the Jacksonville real estate market would be to buy properties now to take advantage of that growth and rising housing need.


Jacksonville, Fl may be overlooked in most investors’ minds, but you could say it’s a “oil rich” city. With so much raw land and a big city for the incoming youth you could say it top quality for developing and investing. Come on over and check it out to see what this beautiful city could mean to you.

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