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As one of Just Multifamily’s exclusive “VIP” Buyers, you’ll get:

  • A priority access “1st look” at all our available properties according to YOUR specific Acquisition Criteria.
  • Your own well-seasoned personal representative assigned to your account.
  • Access to our proprietary Due Diligence research, photos/videos of the property, and Inspection/Demographic reports done by our Team as soon as they become available.

Just Multifamily may also be able to pair our “VIP” Buyers with one or more of our highly-capitalized Joint Venture or Capital Partners on the projects we bring in, and will make our Executive Team available to discuss any opportunity or suggestion presented to us.

There is absolutely NO COST to become a “VIP” with us. You get 1st shot at the great deals we find, and we won’t share your information with anyone; so, there’s really no reason to hesitate. Just click the button shown below and CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW!


Vip Buyer List

Just Multifamily has developed a Team of highly trained specialists who scour the Southeast United States every day searching for below market Distressed, Defaulted, or Institutionally Owned multifamily projects that can be acquired. Once we get a lead on these properties, we market them to our own extensive list of potential multifamily buyers and investors. That being the case, the most attractive opportunities are rarely available for more than a few days.

Whether you’re looking for great cash-flowing assets or exceptional “Value-Add” opportunities, our Team finds them daily, and you can get access to them off market. As one of our “VIP” Buyers, you’ll be notified as soon as these assets become available, long before they’re offered to the general investment community.

We’ll closely match these properties to your specific “Acquisition Criteria” by size, price range, condition, etc. And, because we place a tremendous value on our relationship, we promise we’ll never spam you with a bunch of worthless deals or share your information with anyone.


Just Multifamily has developed a Team of highly trained specialists who scour the Southeast U.S. each and every day searching for below market Distressed Multifamily Assets.


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