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The Klotz Group of Companies, LLC is a vertically integrated real estate investment platform that was established in 1995. It is the parent company for a group of wholly owned operating subsidiaries, investment partnerships, funds, and ventures. The Klotz Group platform is known for its excellence in both ground-up development projects and the acquisition and value-add repositioning of existing properties.

The Klotz Group has a national presence and is recognized as a "best in class" multifamily and hospitality real estate sponsor, principal, investor, owner, advisor, broker, lender, contractor, investment banker, and developer. The company has a reputation for high transactional quality, effective real estate strategies, strong investment returns, exceptional client services, and a disruptive impact on the industry.

With explosive growth and strong domestic and foreign relationships, The Klotz Group is at the forefront of real estate investment and is poised to continue making a significant impact in the real estate investment space.

Just Multifamily, LLC (JMF) serves as the full-service commercial brokerage division under The Klotz Group of Companies.


  • 125,000+ UNITS

Just Multifamily, LLC:

JMF serves as the full-service commercial brokerage division under Klotz Group of Companies of Companies. JMF is an active middle-market to high-end commercial brokerage teams in the Southeastern United States. Our team of experienced brokers and acquisition consultants provides our unique platform and our clients with a strategic market advantage. For over 2 decades, we have been sourcing off-market assets and portfolios for our institutional partners, real estate funds, programmatic joint venture partnerships and individual investor clients.

Our team understands the profound need on the part of many organizations for guidance in the oversight of their real estate assets. We have built a reputation for knowledge and skill in maximizing returns on real estate investments. Over the past 20 years, our principals and affiliates have been responsible for creating successful commercial brokerage techniques and strategies that many of the largest real estate firms in the industry utilize. We cordially offer this unique expertise to our clients throughout the United States and Overseas.

JMF is comprised of expert sales, finance, construction, and management professionals, many of whom possess advanced degrees and certifications in real estate, finance, or business. These talented individuals are active in the entire real estate development and investment cycle – ranging from land assemblage through development, construction, asset acquisition, repositioning and management – to the final disposition of real estate assets under every kind of circumstance. We provide access to the widest range of property owners, individual and institutional real estate investors, and capital sources, both domestic and foreign, as well as ideas, knowledge, and combined experience beyond all others.


As a premier, full-service commercial real estate brokerage firm, JMF attributes its success to a granular focus resulting in transactional excellence. Brokerage acquisition, brokerage disposition, financing and advisory combined with the remarkable ability to coordinate all facets of the commercial real estate process are built into our DNA. Our team’s focus is the product of hands-on leadership, constant in-house education, and transactional engagement providing you as the client with a superior experience.


Our philosophy centered around “Integrated Real Estate Services”, is based on a hypothesis that time spent by a client in the real estate process, reduces their bandwidth to pursue additional profit centers. In short, time is money; we provide you more time and therefore, more money. We deliver you this value through close coordination and process-driven interactions between various transaction focused team members. The tactical intersections between experts on our team deliver a truly orchestrated transactional experience for our clients.

JMF’s innovative approach to real estate provides the client a single point of contact to a relationship network to in house, collaborative service providers in various disciplines and trades.



Location, speed to market, and economic performance are just as important to us as they are our clients, whether you are an investor, owner, buyer, or seller. We provide international market knowledge and national and international exposure to assist buyers, sellers, investors, and owners in making informed decisions that benefit your bottom line. JMF’s commercial brokerage team consists of the most knowledgeable, results-driven brokers backed by the most innovative and scalable technology the commercial industry has to offer. Our JMF team is held to the highest standards of business to exceed our clients’ needs in virtually any market, nationally and internationally.

  • JMF core client services include:
  • State of the art transaction process
  • No conflicts of interest
  • Largest network of commercial brokers and investors
  • Market surveys, demographics, and analysis
  • Acquisitions
  • Investment Sales
  • Consulting
  • Owner/Seller Representation
  • Buyer representation

JMF has a broad-based platform of talent that is positioned to generate results.

Additionally, we utilize the latest technology to leverage those talents. As part of our marketing process, we will incorporate the following tactics to ensure a successful outcome:

  • Comprehensive Brochure
  • PR Strategy, email, and direct contact plan
  • Aerial drone video
  • Offering Memorandum
  • Ongoing email campaign
  • Web based presence on Loopnet, Costar,, &
  • Real Capital Markets



  • Experienced leadership in diverse commercial asset classes
  • Industry Leader since 1995
  • Broker and sales associate education and training
  • Team members spread throughout the Southeastern United States
  • 28-year track record of successful commercial real estate transactions
  • In-house analysis and modeling team
  • In-house design and marketing team
  • In-house legal team
  • Institutional quality capital markets team
  • A proprietary, cloud-based buyer/seller coupling engine
  • A robust investment appetite index containing over 25,000 known buyers
  • Unique ability to source exciting, off-market assets
  • Customized approach for our credited investors to institutional clients


  • Institutional Investors
  • Ultra-High Net Worth Individual Owners
  • Banks & Lenders
  • Special Asset Servicers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Foreign Investment Entities
  • Real Estate Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds and Family Offices