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EXPANSIVE DATABASE OF ACTIVE MULTIFAMILY INVESTORS: We have cultivated and accumulated thousands of multifamily investment principals in our exclusive Just Multifamily database; not a day goes by that our team does not relentlessly pursue the growth and evolution of our database. Our database includes owners and investors, spanning the globe, who invest in a myriad of multifamily projects and understand the unparalleled value in a multifamily asset focus. We pride ourselves on the development of strategic relationships, empowering our partners with resources, and connecting multifamily sellers with buyers in a unique way that separates us from marketplace competitors.

DIRECT MARKETING: From the initial launch of your strategically catered marketing campaign, we relentlessly drive the entire market penetration and sales process involving all of its intricate details, tactics and considerations. We use our extensive client database to match the property with the most likely potential buyers locally, regionally and nationally. Our unmatched, tactical capability to align supply with demand is what makes our Just Multifamily team so powerful and effective. Direct offering memorandums and custom designed, in-house, promotional materials are utilized to present the investment opportunity in a way that is truly special. Additionally, our Multifamily Investment Agents align each listing with their personal relationship database and immediately contact qualified buyers whose appetite aligns well with the particular property. Subsequent to the completion of our extensive investor targeting process, a direct marketing campaign is ignited, followed by personalized follow-ups to all potential buyers.

EXTENSIVE TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE: Just Multifamily’s objective is to arm buyers and sellers with the ability to participate in a smooth transaction from inception to close. Empowered with over four decades of successful transaction management experience, our leadership and teams know how to navigate through the transactional process, maintain velocity and ensure successful outcomes. Transaction management is in our DNA and our experience, knowhow and the strategic capabilities of our leaders and teams is a leverageable advantage to our client

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