Capital Market experts on our team have funded over $2.5B in commercial real estate. Our clients trust their project economics to our team and our capital stack analysis process is unparalleled in the marketplace. As part of The Klotz Group’s Investment platform, we are one of the most active real estate project capital partners in the multifamily industry. Our correspondent relationships with national lenders, domestic and foreign equity capital providers and immediate access to direct capital, dynamically separates us from other capital providers.

We provide several direct, highly competitive commercial real estate capital (equity or debt) products ranging from $500,000 to $100 million plus. Services include the arrangement of all types of debt and equity products which include traditional and conventional financing packages from GSE providers such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA/HUD, insurance companies, CMBS sponsors and large commercial banking institutions. We provide a unique approach to understanding how to obtain creative, non-typical debt financing such as hard money, bridge lending, mezzanine, private money financing and preferred equity products. Finance and Lending services are provided at the Corporate office with additional satellite/city offices equipped to handle a diverse array of transactional needs for our clients.

CUTTING EDGE CROWDFUNDING NETWORK: As of Q1 2016, we have strategically partnered with a series of modern Crowdfunding platforms and have created a unique, cutting edge Crowdfunding Network available to the marketplace and empowering our clients with increased flexibility and financial agility. This partnership-based, Crowdfunding Network is able to be strategically leveraged by our clients in a very powerful way to provide exciting access to debt, preferred and LP equity and other financial solutions to meet client demands for asset or project funding.

LARGE APARTMENT LOANS: We offer top-tier, large loan program capability to the marketplace for traditional apartments, luxury style apartments as well as townhomes ranging from $5million to $100 million. The large loan program is designed to finance loans for experienced investors and is often structured with more flexible terms to help meet more complex lending objectives.

LOANS FOR MID-SIZE APARTMENTS: We offer a wide variety of financing solutions for apartments valued between $3 million to $5 million. The mid-size loan program has been developed to serve the needs of your important multi-unit commercial assets. We have alliances with several capital resources that offer apartment-financing programs to serve the needs of investors with excellent delivery time and substantial cost savings.

LOANS FOR SMALL-SIZE APARTMENTS: Smaller apartment financing and commercial real estate loans for multifamily from $500,000 to $3 million are directly available from our preferred capital partners. Our small balance loans offer many lending advantages, including less paperwork and faster closings than ever before. There are many factors and considerations in making sound investment decisions in today’s market. Working closely with expert loan advisors, our clients gain a significant market advantage. The value relating to these highly attractive financing programs include maximizing terms and minimizing risk, closing deals on time and aligning with terms.


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